The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Eating In

Our task for this week was to eat our breakfasts at home, prepare our lunches from  home, and dine at home five out of seven days.

I think we can all agree this was a most boring task, the idea being to save money and eat more healthfully. Of course, as Emily pointed out, eating in does not assure that. As a person who can make a meal of cookies, she knows of which she speaks. And I have to agree. I once ate a whole box of raspberry-chocolate popsicles for dinner (The good news is they were Weight Watchers.) Perhaps the author of this book assumed readers would be a little more amenable to self-improvement.

Anyway, here are our reports:

Emily:  “I guess I did it.”

Pam: “would like to confess that I have never eaten out more often than the past week. I totally failed. The world just flung a cravin’ on me for eating out. I just… Well, and now let’s talk about the sweets. I have eaten more sugar since my niece came than I have all month. It’s like an addiction. Wellllll, you KNOW when you eat sweets, you don’t then want to rush home and make dinner….Annnd…I did eat breakfast in the car several mornings…but it was from my Quaker Oats cereal box, annnnd…then there was IHOP down at Nashville West that I discovered, and I got a cravin’ for pancakes EVERYDAY after my niece told me she liked them and we had them several mornings annnnd…. I got an F….BUT I GOT AN A IN BIOLOGY!!!!!”

Jolly Librarian: Like Pamela, the assignment not to eat out made me determined to eat out. I have eaten breakfast and dinner at home, but lunches have been a disaster from both a financial and health perspective. I hope to get back into a better routine once classes start.

Our grades for this week:

Emily:                         A

Pam:                            F

Jolly Librarian       C-

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