Monday Motivator: Start at the Right Time

This morning, my alarm did not go off. Rushing to get to work, I felt a little scratch on my throat and realized my tshirt was on backwards.

Finally, I arrived at work. The first day of the semester, students were rushing in not knowing their schedules, not knowing how to print, or needing copies of their textbooks. They were loud. The staff was loud. I could feel myself feeling more and more irritated.

Suddenly, I realized something. Today had not been the day to give up my  Diet Coke habit. Grabbing Emily as she left for lunch, I begged her to bring me back a large drink with ice. (Not that she needed much persuading. At this point, everyone in the library agreed that I needed that Diet Coke.)

Now I am much happier and less likely to take a chair from a toddler (another story). And the point is this: Often we set ourselves up for failure. We blame our lack of willpower for failure when the fault may just be poor timing. It makes more sense to realize that and start another day. For me, that day will be  Wednesday since the first Tuesday is usually harder than the actual start of classes.

For future reference, keep this formula in mind:

A bad morning + the first day of classes = NOT the time to try to give up a vice or start a new habit.



3 thoughts on “Monday Motivator: Start at the Right Time

  1. Hee. I agree…I asked Jody, the vendor, to have a spare case stored int he back closet in case you EVER come into work with your shirt on backwards again.

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