The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Having come to the end of the book we were using, we decided to take a quotation and live it out for the week.      This week’s was from Hemingway:


When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead. 

So our charge was to do one fun thing a day.  Here are the reports:

Colette: Tru dat, Hemingway. Doing things which are obviously fun – like vacationing, going to dinner parties and concerts, playing hooky from daily life – is easy. The real trick is finding the fun in the little and necessary tid bits. I enjoy cleaning my house, pulling weeds in the garden, grocery shopping. I’m not sure I’d classify vacuuming as “fun” but I do find it rewarding. And that’s enough for me. I’m not sure if that makes me a simpleton or a genius. Having fun is especially important at work, considering we spend a monstrous chunk of our time there. I’m a firm believer, especially for educators, that they should get out and move along when educating is no longer fun. The students deserve interactions with people who like what they do. I think Hemingway got the death part wrong, though. I fully intend to have fun in death too. I don’t have an implementation plan yet, so I’ll have to wing it when I get there, but surely death doesn’t have to be a drag. I like to think it will be like last call. “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

Pam: This has been an easy week to be happy and to do something fun each day. With the crisp weather, my heart has felt lighter and my mind less worried. My joy came from sitting at night and picking the banjo. Original melodies are just pouring out of me for the first time in a long time for some reason, and I’m playing mandolin and guitar – practicing fiddle tunes, and it’s just been a ball. I do this at night by myself on my little sofa in the sunroom with the cats. Being with them makes me smile, each one with their unique personality. They make me laugh. My little adopted cat I took in last year has taken a liking to me and has slowly gotten less afraid and now jumps up in bed and cuddles next to me at night. This has brought me a sweet happiness, as my bed-buddy Ginny died a few months ago. I’ve felt happy playing banjo with the New Coon Creek Girls at 2 separate events this weekend, one in Cumberland Gap, Ky. and one at a church Sunday in Berea, Ky. Both towns were perfectly fall-like and quaint, and the food given to us was a treat. It’s been a happy week.

Emily: My idea of fun probably isn’t quite what Hemingway imagined  (drunken fist fights, running with the bulls, hunting large game, etc.). Despite this, and my disdain for traditionally fun activities (parties, spelunking, beer pong), I had plenty of fun this week (including filling this entry with parentheticals and bad punctuation).

Jolly Librarian: I’m actually pretty lucky that I consider many aspects of my job fun. And this week added some other activities as well: I went to the Beth Orton concert, had dinner with friends, and bought more watch bands for my collection. I also started Wharton’s The Age of Innocence, which reminded me of why classics are often considered classics. They’re good reads.

Our grades:

Colette:     A

Pam:           A

Emily:        A (due to the JL’s philosophy you can’t really grade someone else’s idea of fun!)

Jolly Librarian: A





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