The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Getting it Done!

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. — William James

Will had it right. Having things hanging over your head can tire you out both physically and emotionally. So our task for this week was to take any one task that we’ve been meaning to get to, and actually do it.

Here are our reports:

Colette: Let’s face it.  There’s a perfectly good reason (rationalization) why a particular item makes its way onto the “Never Gets Done” list.  For our Get ‘er Done exercise this week, I should have tackled the mess behind the shed, but it’s too creepy/spidery and no one can actually see that mess but me.  I should have cleaned out the refrigerator in the garage.  That’s the place, in my house, where Tupperware sealed leftovers go to die (is that green chili)? That task is just too gross and seeing all the waste will make me feel bad, and I’ll have to go buy more Tupperware, again.  I should have buckled down, made the long drive and gotten my winter clothes out of my storage unit, but they’re buried under a mound of heavy things and it’s supposed to warm up again by next weekend.  So that left the path of least resistance. The unwatched DVD that has been dogging me for three weeks.  Every time I walk past that unwatched DVD, I give myself a little kick for neither watching it nor sending it back.  In my defense, the DVD is a documentary that clocks in at just over three hours, and three hours is a legit chunk of time.  But I watched it, finally. There wasn’t any cosmic applause, because at the end of the day, all I really did was watch a movie, but even a lame checkmark in the grand scheme of getting things done is still a checkmark, right?


I’m fudging JUST a few days in reporting that my unfinished task is completing my 2011 taxes; yes, that’s right, 2011…squeaking in JUST in the nick of time. I am continually pathetic as a procrastinator…Other completed  tasks…hum, does listening to a book on tape count? I finished the Machiavelli Covenant. I finished making breakfast, lunch and dinner each day for 9 days in Kentucky. Believe me, this was a huge accomplishment (and I AM quite the cook, as it turns out…Yes, I’m bragging…I can cook! I can cook, folks!! Who would have known)?? Other finished tasks…I got all of my fall clothes in order and packed away Summer clothes, and lastly I CLEANED MY CAR OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily: This week I’m going for the award for biggest digression from the topic at hand:

I got a flu shot. While this may not sound like much of a feat, last year I didn’t get my flu shot until March. The year before, January. You might ask why a procrastinator bothers with flu shots – I’m not infant, not elderly, do I really need a flu shot?

Well, my mother got a nasty case of the flu one Christmas when I was a teenager –my family refers to this as the year there was no Christmas. After the year with no Christmas, my mom started forcing (perhaps encouraging would be a better word…) me to get flu shots each year. Even after I left home for college, semester break mother/daughter outings disguised as shopping trips turned into flu shot stops. After graduate school, I got my first job and moved to a far-away, horrible place called Southwest Georgia. A place none of my friends or family cared to visit and from which my lack of vacation days prevented me from leaving. My mother called regularly to warn me about the impending flu season. November, December, January passed and I was fine. No one gets the flu in South Georgia! It’s too hot!  February came and with it my first flu bug since childhood. I was alone, I had the flu, and I was on a four-day weekend after working seven days straight. It was curse. So now I get my flu shot every year — even if that means getting my shot in March because my mom heard on the news that there was a case of the flu two counties over.  The End.

Jolly Librarian: I too got my flu shot this week!  And I took the mountain of winter clothes out of the spare bedroom and put in my closet. I then realized, to my chagrin, I bought four pairs of pants at the end of last season under the (false) assumption I would be a size smaller this winter.

Still, I think we all agree William James was on to something.

Our Grades:

Pam:  A (extra points for acting as a nursemaid)

Colette: A (extra points for managing to choose the fun project!)

Emily: A (extra points for telling a heart wrenching story)

Jolly Librarian (A) (Anyone need some corduroy pants?)


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