Monday Motivator: Don’t Be a Zombie!

I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. (But since I don’t have cable, I’m always a season behind. So don’t be sending me any spoilers.)

Now zombies certainly get points for paying attention to a single goal. They want to feed, and they never take their minds (?) off that objective. Obstacles mean nothing to them.

But this same single-mindedness also leads to their ruin. A person with a gun can easily pick them off because it never occurs to them to duck or hide behind something as the zombie in front of them is shot in head. They just keep coming. And falling.

I think we can all get a little zombie-like at times. We get an idea in our heads, and we let it dominate us, often to our chagrin and sometimes to our ruin:

  • A friend of mine wanted a baby so badly that she just assumed her husband was as willing as she to make the 24/7 effort that could consume both their lives for years. He wasn’t.
  • Another friend has a very clear mental picture of what a husband should be. Because none of the men can meet 100% of her qualifications, she is still alone and unhappy.
  • A colleague (years ago at another place) was so focused on not being disrespected by anyone (his boss, his colleagues, his customers) that he found himself friendless and on probation.

It’s not bad to have goals or standards. But it’s not a good thing to be so centered on them that you are not aware that the environment has changed, that you have lost your flexibility or adaptability, or that disaster is staring you in the face and you just keep walking right towards it.



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