Monday Motivator: Celebrate Whenever You Can

This weekend, I suffered through a migraine headache.  For those of you who don’t suffer from them, you’re thinking, “So what? So you had a headache.” Those of you who do are probably shivering a bit  as you remember your own last bout with the pain.

The only thing that gets me through these periods is the knowledge that they usually end in twenty-four hours. So if I can put up with the nausea, knife-like pain seeming to cut through one eye, and the inability to work, sleep, or even sit comfortably for one day, I’ll probably feel much better the next.

And sure enough, late Saturday evening, the pain slipped away. I had places to go and chores to do, but this time, I just sat for a few minutes and allowed myself to experience the first pain-free moments of the weekend. It was a good reminder to celebrate the good and not just curse the bad.

And to call my doctor for a refill on the migraine meds!



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