The Self-Improvement Chronicles: An Ounce of Preparation

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.–Confucius 

Last week, Pam suggested that this week we do one thing to get prepared for the holiday season quickly approaching. Since we were all dressed in Halloween costumes at the time, suffering from sugar overload, and not inclined to come up with any other ideas, the rest of us agreed. And it turned out to be quite the useful assignment.

Here are our reports:

Pam: Well, I achieved the following this week: Seek a new lifestyle management for myself. If this week has not had me put a total plan in place, as we careen toward the holidays, at least it’s got me thinking and experimenting with some possible good ideas. For me, it is trying to take a natural route to ending reflux, as well as slim back down to a more comfortable, healthier weight. They say your “natural weight” is about what you weighed when you were 18..hum…looks like I’ve gained 30 lbs..ANYWAY, I digress. Charles checked out several books on curing reflux and GERD from the public library, and I plan to study what they’ve got to say. My “itchy cough” has been diagnosed as reflux by the top voice doctor in Nashville (after 4 other doctors), and it’s time to take control of it (ESPECIALLY working in a quiet (yeah, right) library). Sooo, let’s see what happens, and in the mean time..I’m contemplating giving up sugar. Haven’t yet made the commitment..Let’s see what the book has to say about that…Cough…hack, hack…

Colette: There are so many preparations for the holidays and they are too quickly going to be upon us. Where the doodle did October go?  I’m not mentally ready for the shopping, the traffic, the crowds, the fruitcake…so I decided to make one change that would get me physically ready for the holidays.  I went to the doctors, plural.  I stopped avoiding it and made an appointment with my primary doc for a well-check and my tooth doc for a cleaning and check-up.  Turns out I have two cracked fillings, so I have to (get to?) go back in a couple days for some novocain and drilling fun.  My teeth will be in good shape, though, to handle copious amounts of holiday sugar, in the form of pies, cakes, cookies, candies.  I also got a flu shot, so I’m armed and ready for germ laden nieces and nephews

Emily: I made a Christmas budget and went ahead and ordered most of my gifts.

Jolly Librarian: I ordered a chunk of gifts as well in order to spread my payments out over three months instead of facing one monster credit card bill in January. Although I had hoped to lose a little weight this week (after all, I got a hair cut!), which didn’t happen, I did go back to the Y on a more regular basis; exercise helps me handle stress. 

Our grades:

Pam:   A

Colette: A

Emily: A

Jolly Librarian: A

For once we managed to combine planning with action!





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