The Self-Improvement Chronicles: We Must Do This Again

A couple of Thanksgivings ago, I walked around Radnor Lake with a friend of mine. We both agreed we enjoyed it and that we would meet to do it more often. We’ve never been again.

Now granted, some folks say things like this all the time as some sort of conversation filler. Yet, for all of us, there are those activities that are fun. We love doing them, but then suddenly we look back and realized we’ve let weeks, months, even years go by without revisiting them.

So our task for this week was to take one such activity and do it.

Here are our reports:

Colette: It’s not every day that a person must, as a work related mandate, do something fun.  For the record, I’d like to say  it’s a brilliant idea and should be embraced like Casual Friday.  I’m not sure why I waited until the weekend to start packing in some fun, but I had many things I wanted to pull out of the hedonism cupboard (a long hike, a third quarter football nap, some sushi).  Unfortunately, I got side-swiped by a migraine.  I soaked in a few hours of the beautiful sunshine on Saturday, before I got punched in the head, but clean gutters and mulched leaves weren’t what I had in mind when the week began.  I missed the fun boat and now I’m feeling more than a little sorry for myself.  All in favor of a do-over, say “Ay.

Emily: I’m going to trivia tonight and I went antiquing over the weekend.

Pam: This week I spent more time than normal revisiting things that have brought a good feeling to my life, but that I too often set aside and forget about. For me, cooking and exercising are two of those things. I hauled out my Nordic Trak from the garage where I had stored it over the summer, and set it up (and used it!) out in my sunroom – so that I can get into a routine of cross-skiing now that it cold outside! Also, I brought in tall table that I’ve stored in the garage for about 2 years which is just PERFECT for food prep! This has brought me new hope as a person who is a messy cook anyway, because it no longer frustrates me to try to find space for my cutting board, bowls, measuring cups, ingredients, etc. I cooked a wonderful (if I do say so myself) sautéed tilapia dinner just a few nights ago and have several meals planned for the weekend ahead. I’m cooking!! That’s my biggest accomplishment!

Jolly Librarian: At first, I thought I had this assignment in the bag because I was going to a concert Sunday night. But Pam pointed out I’d been to a concert the previous week, so I obviously wasn’t depriving myself on that score. Then one night, the Piano Guy was part of a PBS fundraising extravaganza, and, motivated by something he said, I sat down at the keyboard I’d bought from a colleague some years ago. Instead of fussing over every chord change, I just played the ones I knew and improvised the rest. Now, no one is going to mistake me for Regina Spektor, but I had fun and realized that was the purpose. (And as an aside, I think I’m only one Christmas away from having “Silent Night” down to shorter-than-30-minute performance!)

Our grades:

Emily:   A (Her answer was very short, but it’s her birthday.)

Colette: A (The Jolly Librarian is sympathetic to migraine sufferers.)

Pam:  A

Jolly Librarian: A



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