The Jolly Librarian Becomes Part of the Old Guard

It was bound to happen some time; I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. At yesterday’s  TBR deans and directors meetings, I realized that I was now one of the seasoned veterans. Yep, now more than 50% of the group came on board after I did. Three directors retired at the end of last year, which made the final push into the old guard complete.

Although I am going to miss those folks who retired, who showed me the way when I  first became head of the Mayfield Library, I certainly am enjoying getting to know the new folks, hearing their new ideas and seeing our state libraries from a different perspective.

What I don’t particularly like is being classified as one of “experienced” deans. I feel about as ignorant as I did back when I joined the group in 2002. I know a few more terms, have a little more savvy in dealing with purchasing, and realize now that the field is changing so fast that we all feel overwhelmed. But what I don’t feel prepared to be is a mentor for anyone. When I consider the wisdom and encouragement that Vicki, Rita, and Mary Evelyn provided, I know I’ll never be that wise and be able to help anyone they way they did me. So I apologize to the new folks for my lack in these areas. But, luckily, you have other great folks who will provide much guidance.

Maybe that’s my problem with being part of the old guard. I’ve grown older, but not wiser.



One thought on “The Jolly Librarian Becomes Part of the Old Guard

  1. Don’t sell yourself short, Ms. Jolly Librarian! I think you will be a great mentor for us “new-er comers.” Mentoring, to me, is an ever evolving process… a journey we take together in seeking wisdom through the collective and not always from the individual. Gone are the days of the Master-and-Grasshopper scenario (and only folks of certain age will get that! HA!). Mentoring, to me, isn’t the trickling down of sage wisdom from the top, but, instead, it’s an exercise of learning from the middle… we all learn from each other because of our varying experiences and opportunities, no matter how long we’ve been on the job. My hope is that I’m never termed an “experienced” dean… but an ever evolving one… one that will stay ahead of the curve and willing to learn from others …from the top… and from the bottom. A trait that I definitely see in YOU, my new friend! 😉 That is what mentoring is all about! Rock on!

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