Daily Archives: November 28, 2012

The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Post-Holiday Analysis

This week, we decided to use the college’s institutional effectiveness system on ourselves. (Well, on our past week.) One part of any such program is to close the loop, to see if things worked and what should be changed. So while our minds were still on Thanksgiving, our task was to take a look back over the holiday and see if there were things we will change next year. So here are our reports:

Colette: I was definitely smart enough not to go anywhere near a shopping outlet on Black Friday, so I don’t need to learn that lesson.  Next year (did I say this last year too?) I need to stay away from that second slice of pie.  Perhaps if I only make one kind of pie next year, I won’t feel the need to sample both kinds after I’ve already eaten myself into a gravy slathered stupor.  Friends don’t let friends eat too much pie…

Emily: My only regret is making my pumpkin pie crust out of pecans.

Pam: Such a good assignment we have this week – what did I learn this Thanksgiving that I will change for next year? Hum, not to go home next Thanksgiving? No, kidding 🙂 (yeah, right…)…Okay, in all seriousness, I learned to not ask questions when I cook with my sister. She seemed frustrated at me needing her advice, even though I have NEVER cooked for a large amount of people before (does 5 count as a large amount? It does when you live alone)! I just wanted everything to be perfect. I learned to fake it till I make it. That good enough? Other lessons…Take a bottle of Maker’s Mark and slip it into my beverage at every meal and….

Jolly Librarian: Next year, I will listen to my staff when they inform me that there will NOT be a rush of students on the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving and let more people have time off. I will also remember that Thanksgiving is not a week off; in reality, it is only two more days than a weekend. I say this not to complain, but to remember not to overload my to-do list with things that simply aren’t going to get done. Finally, I will remember to provide my own secret Thanksgiving dessert that I will eat in its entirety  later at home. Alone.