Daily Archives: December 3, 2012

Monday Motivator: Kick Up Some Leaves

On Thanksgiving, I engaged in some leaf burying with a couple of young buddies of mine. I buried the toddler who would then pop out, run over, and look for his brother who was buried under another mound. The big brother was quite the good sport as the toddler pounded on him in the effort to uncover his face. ┬áThe older one had played the same role a few years earlier with his cousin, although she was more focused on the task. If there had been a thought bubble over her head, it would have read, “I keep burying this guy, and he keeps popping back up. Not good.”

Then, yesterday, as I was out walking, I came across a woman raking leaves with her dog at her side. The woman was cheerful. The dog was in ecstasy. It jumped in the leaf piles and then ran around them in crazed circles before jumping in them again. I couldn’t help grinning.

There is just something enjoyable about fall leaves. Even if you don’t have jumping children or dogs, it’s still fun to hear them crunch under your feet as you walk. So this week, take a minute to play in the leaves before those determined leaf-blower machines make them all disappear!