The Jolly Librarian’s Guide to Studying for Finals

It’s final exam time, and stress abounds. There are many books, articles, and posts on dealing with stressful times, most of them having really good advice.  The Jolly Librarian adds her own wisdom to the list:

  • Take a social media break. One of my friends logs off Facebook during finals each semester. She is very aware of how a quick check-in can become fifteen minutes, then thirty minutes, and then maybe even a hour. Know the things that will suck up time, and take a temporary break from them.
  • Study where there are no distractions. That might mean the library instead of home where there are kids and television. For others, it might be home because the library is the place where your friends hang out.
  • Don’t spend time beating yourself up about this semester’s mistakes. Salvage what you can.  Being upset because you didn’t turn in two papers and can only get a C won’t help. Studying so that you can get that C will. (But do conduct a honest evaluation of your study habits after the semester is over!)
  •  Know when and where your finals are. Every semester we have students come to the library looking for their final exam rooms. Double check the final exam schedule and your instructor’s emails to make sure you have the correct information.
  • Put as much as possible on the back burner this week, so that you can focus on exams.
  • Tutors and librarians are available to help you up to the last moment of finals week. Take advantage of them.
  • And remember, no matter how bad it is, finals week is only a week.


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