The Self-Improvement Chronicles: Ending the Year

We have come to the end of our self-improvement journey for this year. Since most of the team has already gone on semester break, I’ll finish up by grading the team:

Colette: Colette, just hired this fall, has been a great sport. She delved right in with the right amount of sincerity, humor, and cynicism. We think we’ll keep her. Final grade: A

Emily: Emily’s final words before she left to start holiday baking with her mother: “I’m doing the best that I can.” Emily has also been a good sport, especially since she is not a huge fan of self-improvement; she is a stronger believer in self acceptance. Final Grade: A.

Pam: If I gave out awards, Pam would certainly get the one for “most enthusiasm.” She didn’t always particularly like the assignments, but she tried hard and analyzed each week with the rigor of an English lit major with a poem. Final grade: A

Jolly Librarian: On my various resolutions list I’ve made over the years, a constant one has been to travel more. Well, this year, I visited Italy, and was reminded, despite the hassles, traveling is one of the best things you can do to improve your mood and mind. The area I made the least progress in was weight. In fact, I’m afraid there’s a good chance I’ll end the year weighing more than when I started. But like Emily, I’m pretty good on the whole self-acceptance thing. So my final grade: A.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy semester break. We’ll be back next year with a new project!



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