The Jolly Librarian Apps Some Resolutions

The various devices’ app stores are currently buzzing with apps that will help you keep your resolutions. And since the Jolly Librarian approves of self-improvement, I decided to give some of them a try. What follows is a totally unscientific and totally untechnical  list of my favorites:

Financial: is a website where you can track your spending, your budget, and your savings. It also has an app. It is one of my favorites. I love the ability to see where my money is going, and to see the day-to-day building (or lack) of my savings. I also have it set up to receive messages about bills coming due or low balances in my accounts. (It also lets me know when I’ve gone over my purse budget, although that has yet to keep me from buying another purse.)


I received a Fitbit pedometer for Christmas. It has Bluetooth capability to download my daily mileage to my computer and phone. Also, I can ‘friend’ other Fitbit users so we can motivate each other. The only downside is that it’s small and I lost mine within a day. But it was found and I attached a strap to make sure it stays put.


There are all sorts of apps out there that let you set and monitor your goals and habits. Of of the simplest is “Don’t Break the Chain.” You click on every day that you’re successful, the idea being you don’t want to break the chain and start all over.

Lift is another app that allows you to keep up with your progress. You can get an email each day telling you which of your goals you’ve made progress on. It tells you how many days you’ve kept the streak alive. And there is a community of users, so you sometimes get props and comments!

But let me be honest. I have downloaded many apps to help me set goals and build or break habits. In the end, I use a only few. And for some, such as monitoring my weight and checking how much water I drink a day, I have gone completely old school. I put my weight each morning on a calendar in my bedroom and use my memory to keep up with my water intake.

But, in a way, that’s the nice thing about technology. If it helps, use it. If it doesn’t, you can leave it alone. But you won’t know until you try.




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