January 31: Oh Dear!

There are many good things about today: It’s national Eat Brussels Sprouts Day and Backwards Day. Still I can’t help feeling a little depressed. It happens to me every January 31st. Yes, it’s the day that I realize that I’m probably going to totally fail at my New Year’s Resolutions once again.

As long as it’s January, that gorgeous first month, that month of new beginnings, when the year is still a baby, I have hope. Sure, maybe I forgot to wear my FitBit six days in a row, overslept seven mornings, and missed a couple of deadlines, but, hey, the year is new. Anything can still happen.

But as the year moves from infancy to early grade school, I have to realize that probably major change is not going to happen. I did not change just because the year did. I still have my bad habits and they are deeply ingrained. 

This year, I decided to use Lift to keep track of my resolutions, and while there is progress on some (studying French, working on a secret project, and reading each day for 30-60 minutes), not a single habit made it for all 31 days. And some, in fact, (getting up early) didn’t get a single check. 

So the Jolly Librarian is a little disheartened today.Still, I don’t stay down for long, because, tomorrow, after all, is a new beginning. February, I’m going to own you!


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