Daily Archives: February 6, 2013

Reading Lives: The Philosophy Series

Philosophy may teach us how to live, but the study of philosophy texts may simply leave us shaking our heads. The folks at Blackwell Publishing realize this dilemma and brought out a series of books to make philosophical thought more accessible to the contemporary student. The Blackwell Philosophy and Popular Culture series has something for almost everyone.

And our library has several of the titles:

House and Philosophy

Watchmen and Philosophy

South Park and Philosophy

The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy

Dungeons & Dragons and Philosophy

Jeopardy and Philosophy

The Walking Dead and Philosophy

The last contains such thought-provoking essays as “Are You Just Braaaiinnnsss or Something More?” and “The Only Good Walker is a Dead Walker.” (And you don’t have to be a philosophy major to enjoy them!)

The obvious question from this week’s reading is what roles would library staff members play in the Zombie Apocalypse? Now, since not everyone is up on their zombie knowledge, the Jolly Librarian agreed to answer for them. So here goes:

Sally (via the Jolly Librarian): Unfortunately, Sally would be one of the first to be bitten when she stopped  her bike by a group of Walkers to tell them about the benefits of TEL

Pam (via the Jolly Librarian): Pam would also go early when she debated too long over whether the Walkers had souls and was bitten.

Colette: I have to first admit that I’m not hip to the zombie culture.  After a painful two hours spent with Woody Harrelson, I wrote off the whole genre.  I haven’t seen the zombie movies or TV shows.  If there are zombie books, I have not read them.  Rob Zombie is as close as I’ve gotten in a musical genre (and I’ve written him off too). My selection for which character I’d be in the Walking Dead series is going to have to be generic – like picking which Breakfast Club stereotype I fit.  I am, at my core, a rule follower. It’s a curse.  I’m the one at 2 a.m., in the middle of nowhere, bringing my vehicle to a complete stop at the stop sign. I’m sure my parents are proud of this fact.  If there is a group of rule followers in the Walking Dead, I think I’d be among them. Sadly, I suspect that during a zombie apocalypse, I’d be eaten early, in the pilot episode, probably while I was stopped at a stop sign.  I am also a mother, though, so if a zombie were coming for my son, the rules would cease to matter and I’d turn into whichever character has Medusa hair, a perpetual case of PMS, and a loaded shotgun.

Emily: I’d hole up in my house and disguise myself as a zombie a la Bill Murray in Zombieland.

Jolly Librarian: I would try to lead my rag-tag team on the road to survival, but I’m pretty sure I’d be shot in the back when Emily and Colette decided I wasn’t tough enough for the zombie wars. (There’s also a chance I’d be accidentally shot by Pam when she panicked during the first attack.)