Daily Archives: February 11, 2013

Monday Motivator: Know Your Enemy

Last week, Librarian Pam and I revived the Library Losers. We had decided individually that we needed to lose weight, and, for some reason, it made sense to us to return to a process that had been an utter failure the first time. But, hopefully, now, we’ll have a better chance at success. This time we know our enemies (us) better.

Looking at the original Library Losers, there was one main problem: there was no accountability. If we didn’t meet our goals, we said so. But that was that. (And public shame doesn’t work for us!) This time, we have penalties or incentives tied to each of our weekly weigh-ins as well as a specific deadline tied to a bigger reward.

I also spent the last week evaluating my own actions to discover my major problems in the weight-loss arena (eating better and exercising more). The first thing I realized is that I have to avoid Wendy’s on my trips for a Diet Coke. There is just something about their French fries I can’t avoid. Also, as long as I bring my lunch, I’m usually in pretty good shape during the week as far as my eating goes. The same can’t be said for exercise, so I’m in the process of finding a time to go to the gym or even setting a timer for an at-home aerobics session.  My biggest enemy, which I’m sure is obvious to all readers, is that I have a very hard time passing up temporary pleasure for long-term gain. Pam’s task for this assignment will be helping me to conquer that enemy by holding me accountable to weekly check-ins and having to pay her a fine if I lose.

Pam’s problem is more along the lines of perfectionism. She once refused to wear a pedometer because it wasn’t 100% correct, and there was no way I could convince her that it was still a useful tool. She sometimes delays starting by waiting for the perfect moment. My job is to keep her on task and not let her use “imperfection” as an excuse.

 We often know the enemy is us, but we are just as often stuck in self-flagellation over our weaknesses instead of developing a plan to work around them. 

Will our new plan work? I’ll let you know on June 1.