I’ve Got the Midterm Blues; Oh Yes I Do

This semester, three of us in the library are taking classes. Emily and I are studying French while Pam is taking an introduction to American Sign Language. During the last few weeks, we have all discovered our inner freshman: not wanting to do our homework and definitely not wanting to take tests. The other thing we’ve discovered is midterm exhaustion. We’ve done our assignments and taken our tests, and now, during spring break, we want nothing more to do with our classes. 

Assuming we were not alone in this feeling, we asked around to get some tips to get over the midterm blues:

  • Use spring break wisely. If you’re caught up, take a break from studying. It doesn’t have to be the entire week, just a day or two from the books can refresh you and get you ready to start the second half of the semester. If you are behind in your courses, use this week to catch up. Don’t start next week even further behind.
  • Analyze the first half of the semester. If you did well, keep doing what you’ve been doing. If not, analyze your study habits and see what needs to change. 
  • Mentally, make a break from the last few weeks. Don’t think of being halfway through an endless semester. Think of this as a new start. New beginnings bring energy. 
  • Don’t let your feelings lead the way. Almost every student, at some point, decides he/she has had enough and just wants to drop out. (I felt that way about 300 times during the writing of my dissertation.) But feelings come and go. You made a decision and a commitment to take these courses. Follow through. Even if you decide at the end of the semester to take a break, then you’ll still have a semester of college credit under your belt.
  • Give yourself a small treat for making it this far. (A dinner out, a new lip gloss from Target, a night of Hulu, etc.) But keep it small. Save the big treat for actually finishing the semester.

Sometimes, you think you’re the only person who feels this way. But you’re not. You’re a normal student. Just keep going. We are!

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