Daily Archives: March 18, 2013

Monday Motivator: Be Grateful for What Didn’t Happen

On Saturday, my left eye was suspiciously red. A few years ago, I came down with an eye infection that was painful and ugly. It took weeks of steroids eye drops to make it go away. So, of course, my first thought was “Oh Lord, it’s come back!” 

I monitored my poor eye the rest of the day, noting that it was sensitive to sunlight, feeling every slight pain that might occur on that side of my head, and looking into every mirror I passed by. I was already planning on trying to get in to see my doctor first thing Monday morning.

But when I got up Sunday morning, I found that the redness had lessened, and the pain was gone. Apparently, I was not coming down with an eye infection, at least not this week.

It reminded me of something I once read in a book: We are so focused on the bad things that happen and ask why me, that we forget to think about the bad things that could have happened but didn’t.

So, I took a moment to be thankful for my normal eye and set out to face the day, a day in which many more bad things didn’t happen 🙂