Forget March Madness! April Absurdity Is Here!

I was putting together the library’s schedule for April. This is what I have so far:

  • I’ll be gone to a state-wide meeting for two days.
  • One librarian will be at TLA for two days.
  • Two took a long Easter weekend and one staff member will be out this Friday for a gig. (Her former bluegrass band is back together and doing shows.)
  • One library assistant will leave the middle of April because his band is going on the road and will be gone for almost two months.
  • There are interviews, meetings, receptions, and programs all being given as the semester winds down.

In fact, after looking at the calendar, there are not more than three consecutive days in any one week that all of us will be in the library. Welcome to April.

Oh yeah, and all the students’ research projects are coming due as well.

I don’t know if April is the cruelest month, but at a community college, it certainly is the busiest. While the countdown to the end of the semester is always busy, there is the business in April of ending the academic and fiscal years as well. We’re evaluating staff. We’re making budget proposals. We’re planning for summer. And every organization and group on campus is having an event of some kind.

Of course, it’s a good kind of busy to be. I certainly want our community college to have literary readings, art shows, and musical performances. It’s one of the things that I’m proudest of: the number of such activities our college has added in the past few years. And I want my staff to enjoy as many of them as possible. Plus, I am very proud of my staff’s outside activities; I think it adds to the service we provide. Still, the April schedule can get a little crazy.

However, I know full well when the middle of May comes and all the students are gone, I’ll be wishing for these busy days with an intense melancholy.


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