The Jolly Librarian Attends a Meeting of Library Deans and Directors

I’ve just returned from a meeting with all the TBR and UT library deans and directors (with a special visit from the Vanderbilt Dean of Libraries thrown in for good measure). Now, back in my office, I am deciphering my notes. My handwriting is not great at the best of times, and during the two days of the meeting, I was taking notes like a freshman frat boy who has just woke up from a hungover nap to realize that the test’s tomorrow and it’s entirely based on the lecture being given.

A constant in my tenure as dean has been my admiration for the other library leaders in our state. From the beginning, they have been willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Their concern for students never wanes. They always seem to be on the cutting edge of emerging technologies. And they are genuinely fun people!

When I look at my notes, it’s amazing at the range of topics discussed. There are notes on where libraries are heading in terms of collection and space. A presentation on MOOCs shed new light on what is becoming a common topic of discussion in higher education. Then there are the little tidbits of information said in passing that will make life much easier for me here in my own library. 

Each meeting is like having a highly-trained team of consultants available for a day. Except these folks are free. And I suspect much more helpful.


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