Some Reflections on Candy Week in the Library

Every finals week, the library supplies candy to weary students as they finish projects and take finals. (Now, no worries: The only tax-payer money used for this is our own personal funds.) Students seem to appreciate the gesture. Now, several semesters in, we have drawn some basic conclusions about candy week:]

  • Students can go through a lot of candy. Yesterday, we gave away five pounds in less than 24 hours (and 9.5 of those hours, we were closed.)
  • Judging by the candy packets in our own waste baskets, staff can go through a lot of candy as well.
  • There are definite preferences. When we get down to the bottom of the basket, there are always lots of Krackels left while the Snickers bar is a perennial favorite. On the non-chocolate side of the house, Skittles rule while Smarties languish. 
  • Some students are frugal, taking only one piece. Some grab a handful. Some take a handful, but only after searching through the basket, making sure that a favorite flavor is not missed. (There is probably some psychological analysis that could be done from how people choose candy if any of you psych types want to come do a study.)
  • Candy does seem to make everyone a little more cheerful!

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