Monday Motivator: Do Some Debugging

If you have an iPad (or any other tablet), you are familiar with the number popping up on your screen by the App Store icon, letting you know that one of your apps needs updating. And almost always, one of the things that is being done is ‘fixing some bugs.’ Most of the times, these bugs don’t keep the apps from running; they just prevent them from running as well as they should.

The end of the semester is just the time to debug some of our own routines, things that are getting in the way of our own effectiveness. As I looked around my house and my office, here are some things that need debugging:

  • At both home and office, I have a tendency to put papers down on a table or my desk, and then they start piling up. So whenever I begin working on a project, the first thing I have to do is find the relevant paperwork! So I’m going to keep a separate folder for each project.
  • I don’t write stuff down that I need, thinking “there’s no way I’ll forget that I need deodorant,” and then come home with dental floss (I already have 10 packets) but no deodorant. This should be a simple fix. I have a smart phone; I’ll just keep the list there.
  • In the office, we often end up having the same discussions more than once because we don’t write down the procedures. The fix: This year we are (finally) going to get our procedures manuals in shape.

Anyway, you get the picture. Life goes on quite well without any of the above. (Well, except the deodorant!) But I’d be just as a little more effective, a little less harried, and probably a little happier if I could I just debug those inefficiencies.

So what do you need to debug? This might be a good time to start.




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