Summer Bucket List 2013: Week 1

Our goal for this summer is to get some things done: both work-related and fun. We’re doing this because we, like so many other people, often talk about all the stuff we’re going to do during the summer. And then when summer ends, we find ourselves stunned that nothing was accomplished. So here goes:

Our assignment for this week was to do one thing that we’ve been meaning to do for ages. It can be work-related, home-related, a task, or even something fun. 

For the library, we went through the handouts that are around the building to see if they are up-to-date and relevant for what we’re doing. A good many things were thrown away, emails were sent to other offices to see if the information is still relevant, and plans are being made to make better use of the space. 

Colette: Every night when I get home at dinner time, and open my refrigerator, I turn into Mother Hubbard.  Surprisingly enough, nothing good to eat has materialized since I left for work that morning.  My dinner choices are to either cook real food or forage.  I usually forage because my hunger is pressing and because I’m lazy.  Each time this happens, I think, “Why didn’t I cook over the weekend?”  This past weekend, I finally did just that! I cooked my hump off on Sunday and made chicken and dumplings, pork green chili and brown rice, grilled some chicken and made a Caesar dressing rue.  The last couple nights, I’ve arrived home hungry, gone to the fridge and had an array of already cooked choices.  My bucket runneth over. 

Emily: The trim on our house has needed painting since we bought it nearly three years ago. I’m quite the procrastinator when it comes to home maintenance, but this week I got one estimate for the job. Now that one estimate was dramatically more than I anticipated, so I’ll probably think about it for a few more years. In the meantime, I’m looking into returning a phone call from another painter and considering doing some interior painting over the long weekend. I’m thinking this may get done by the end of the summer! 

Jolly Librarian: I came down with a cold last Friday, so any hopes of doing something fun over the weekend were dashed. Still, there were two nit-picky items that have been nagging at me for weeks that even my Nyquil-addled brain could handle. I replaced the air conditioner filter. (I had bought a filter two months ago, and it had been sitting in the hallway ever since.) Then I took down a nasty shower curtain liner and replaced it with a nice new one. I also had my deck pressure washed and sealed, something that has needed doing for quite a while now. 

Reminder: The quicker you get these sorts of things out of the way, the more time you’ll have for fun this summer.


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