Random Thoughts While Reading Shelves

  • Why do we have so many books about Thomas Hobbes? Maybe I should read one. Maybe not.
  • JV 241.38; JV 241.39; JX 761; JV241.50  Wait, what was that?
  • Umm, I think this book about how great it is to be a liberal in the midst of books about the Republican party might be a deliberate placement.
  • How long have I been up here? 20 minutes? Can I back to my office now without looking like a lazy loser?
  • If I have to find misplaced books, why can’t they be on the middle shelves where I don’t have to reach up on my tippy toes or bend double to move them?
  • I wonder if I have an important message and should return to my office to check my email.
  • Aark. Aaark. Aaaark! That was one dusty book.
  • Oh well, at least it’s Friday, and it’s a holiday weekend. And I am taking Tuesday off. Maybe my colleagues will have this finished by the time I return.
  • Who am I trying to kid?

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