Summer Bucket List: Books on Our List

We wouldn’t be working in a library if we didn’t have a list of books on our to-read list. So here’s what we’re hoping to get to this summer:

Colette: It’s been a long time since I read a book simply because it has a great title.  The book topping my summer reading pile is A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash and I chose it mostly for that reason.  You have to trust an author with the good sense to allude to Thomas Wolfe.  I’m also excited about this book because it’s Cash’s debut novel and I’m always looking for new writers whose work I may love as much as Proulx or Kingsolver or Irving.  Wiley Cash is from the South (how could he not be with that name?) and this novel is set there too, so that’s a bonus because I’m a sucker for good Southern dialogue.

Emily: I don’t have any particular book on my summer reading bucket list. Each time I need a new book to read I refer to my Goodreads “to-read” list:

Faye: The book that I plan to read is Treasures from the Attic: The Extraordinary Story of Anne Frank’s Family by Mirjam Pressler. My daughter, Becky, did a research paper about Corrie ten Boom who was a Dutch Christian. Corrie and her family helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. Corrie ten Boom wrote a book, The Hiding Place about the problems of the Holocaust. When I came across the book about Anne Frank, I remembered the research paper that Becky had written. She would share with me about the life of Corrie ten Boom and her family. Anne Frank is probably the best known Jewish victim of the Holocaust. The diary of Anne Frank acknowledges her experiences of her hiding during World War II. She died at the age of 15 in a concentration camp.

Pam: 1. Sleeping in Snow with Bears by A.H. Pellett 2. Final Appeal by Lisa Scottolini 3. Everywhere That Mary Went by Lisa Scottolini 4. The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible by Edward C. Smith 5. The Redeemer / Jo Nesbo

Sally: My book this summer is going to be Anne Lamont’s Some assembly required: a journal of my son’s first son. I want to read it because my son just had his first son!  

Jolly Librarian: 1. The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesey (a retelling of Jane Eyre set in 1950/60s Britain. 2. Life after Life by Kate Atkinson (one of my favorite authors) 3.  Edith Wharton’s short stories.


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