The Best Day

Today, a young girl came in with her mother. We have several children in the library that first week who look around while their parents print out their various course materials. 

The girl came to the desk. “Do you have children’s books?”

I pointed her to the section.

She grinned, her whole face lighting up. “Thanks!”

A few minutes later, she was back. “How many can I check out?”

“As many as you can carry.”

The grin became wider. She ran back over.

A few minutes later, she came over with an armful of books for her mother to check out. Now she was serious and ready to get down to business.

“I hope my mom won’t be mad that I want so many.”

“The important thing is that you bring them back on time. Then I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

“When are they due?”

“August 8.”

“That’s my grandma’s birthday and the day before my birthday. So I’ll remember.”

“Also, this card has the date on it.”

“If I finish one today, can I bring it back?”

I nodded. And she ran off to where her mother was working.

For the next thirty or so minutes, she’d pop up at the desk, returning one of the books with a very proud look on her face. By the time I left for lunch, she had gone though her stack and was ready to check out some more.

It was a very good day.



One thought on “The Best Day

  1. Yes, that is why I love being a librarian! My favorite quote is “that books and bicycles both take you places without wasting anything, and a good day is riding your bike to the library.” Libraries are America’s best bargain.

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