The Summer Bucket List: Watch Something Fun

Sometimes the hot, steamy days put you in the mood for sitting in the cool to watch a blockbuster movie or catch up on some television. Here are our recommendations:

Colette: Summer television is a sea of reruns and pap, so it’s the perfect time to see an older show you didn’t see the first time around.  Hands down, one of the best things to ever grace the television screen was an HBO series titled Six Feet Under.  It was created and produced by Alan Ball (who moved on to mastermind True Blood).  It ran for five seasons from 2001 – 2005 and honestly, I’m still mourning its loss, just a little bit.  It was smart and dark and funny and poignant.  Critics thought so too; it won 9 Emmy Awards and 3 Golden Globes in the categories that really count – writing and acting.  It was a true drama, without any reality nonsense like voting people off the show or weight loss make-overs. 

 I highly recommend getting all five seasons, some comfy pajamas, Costco sized snacks and cancel any plans to leave your house until all 63 episodes are under your belt.

If you’d like to get all brainiac with your television viewing, the NSCC Library has an ebook titled Reading Six Feet Under:  TV to Die For.

Emily: Perfect summer time movie: Say Anything

Perfect summer time TV show: the first 15 minutes of Wipe Out (after 15 minutes it’s a bore).

Pam: I have to admit that I’m not much of a TV watcher in the summertime except for Frazier and Chopped, which are both available through the cheapest DISH package, so these would be my recommendations. The only movie I’ve seen in years at the theater is Man of Steel, last Friday night, and at almost $12, plus $4 for my coke and $7.50 for a popcorn, I can’t say it was worth it; it was very over-the-top special effects, noise and plot. Good grief, but sort of touching in a good vs. evil way. To end on a positive note, though, I say Nashville needs to reopen a drive-in so that we can all make a bag of homemade popcorn and go have a fun night out – CHEAP! 

Sally: I recommend the movie Mother Nature’s Child.

Jolly Librarian: In the summer, I like to get whole series on Netflix and then watch them as one long movie. I just finished up the last season of Fringe. Now this is a show that I liked, but by the time I had the last season in hand, I had forgotten some of the complicated plot points of earlier ones. So my recommendation is watch it all at once or take notes. Other shows in my queue include Arrested DevelopmentMad Men, Portlandia, and Vera (a British police procedural).

For summer movies, I love the tried-and-true silly comedies: Ghostbusters, What About Bob, and Men in Black. 


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