Summer Bucket List: Recycle, Reuse, Give Away, or Just Throw Out

One of the items on my to-do list each summer is to get rid of some stuff. For some reason, the hot, steamy weather makes me want to declutter and have breathing space around me. So our assignment this week was to get something out of our houses. Here are our reports:

Colette: I’m pretty sure that taking out the kitchen trash doesn’t count…so, I failed miserably this week.  I didn’t throw away or recycle a single thing.  Nearly all my belongings are in storage, languishing, until I buy a house.  I am pretty much stuff-less.  I have about three things in my possession.  If I throw away one of those three things, I’ll only have two things.  Eeek.  Two things.  I’m a grown-up; I need at least one more item than I can carry in two hands.  When I get into a living situation where I have access to four things, I promise to throw away or recycle at least one of them. 

Emily: A couple weeks ago I cleaned out my kitchen and took any select kitchen gadgets that I had multiples of to Goodwill. I once read that if a kitchen gadget only serves one purpose, you shouldn’t buy it. I can’t say that I always adhere to this rule, but I kept it in mind as I sifted through my drawers. I discovered that cheese graters are a particular weakness of mine. I’d guess my kitchen is stocked with five different graters post kitchen gadget cleansing though no two shred the same size/type of cheese. As I see it. any well stocked kitchen should have multiple cheese graters – fat cheese, skinny cheese, a microplane, a box grater, etc. I still managed to get rid of two graters, a rusted chef’s knife, several cheese knives, kitchen towels, basting brushes, a napkin holder, and kitchen thermometers (among other things). I was unable to part with the melon baller or the apple slicer, because, let’s face it, when you need a melon baller, nothing else will do.  

Pam: WHAT?! We were supposed to get RID of something? Um, I got that mixed up and instead added quite a nice assortment of things into my home from a spree of yard sales I hit on Saturday. Does that count? Well, then, let me continue…. For only $10 each, I bought 2 wonderful mahogany hard chairs with soft seats with a harp carved into the back of them. Also, 1 pair of Bass ($3) sandals, 1 great lap desk ($2), a frog gigger—yes, a frog gigger, BUT I use it as a garden prod to loosen up the dirt before watering –works Wonders! And, last but not least, I picked up another nice load of big rocks for my yard, bought a clematis off the sale shelf at Home Depot for only $4, and got a half truckload of mulch from the Co-op store off Dickerson Road. This week I’ll look for something to throw out…hum, perhaps that raccoon could be caught and relocated that keeps coming around making my cat growl…Happy Summer Everybody!

Jolly Librarian: I have a strange quirk. I don’t like summer shoes. I mean, I don’t like them on anyone. Once it gets warm enough that I have to put my boots away, I am forced to wear what I consider ugly footwear until it gets cold again. Since I think all summer shoes are ugly, I have a difficult time recognizing which ones might be truly hideous. Therefore, every May when I open the container that stores my off-season shoes, I am faced with several pairs that I pray were put there during the winter by shoe gremlins and I did not actually go out in public in them the previous summer. Which brings me to the white shoes in my closet. I bought them last summer while I was planning my trip to Italy because they looked comfortable for walking. They were not. They also make my average-sized feet look kind of like giant concrete blocks. So they have to go. A pair of black shoes are also going; they are some sort of hybrid between sandal and shoe, too heavy for skirts. They would look fine with dress pants, but I don’t have any summer dress pants. They too are gone. The good news: Only four months to go until boot weather!



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