The Summer Bucket List: Learn Something New

Face it: We work in a library. At a college. Learning new things is part of our job. So it wasn’t a stretch for us to put this on our list. Here are our reports:

Colette: I had no idea, when I started to mow my lawn this week, just how many new things I’d learn as a result.  My story begins with the simple fact that I didn’t really want to mow.  I wanted to sit in the shade and eat popsicles.  To amuse myself, and make the process less painful, I started mowing ridiculous patterns in the grass.  At just the precise moment my front yard resembled a village idiot’s crop circle, the mower locked up and died. 

 Here is the list of the things I learned in the ensuing hours:

 1.  Akin to Murphy’s Law, there is also a universal probability which says, “Things are likeliest to go wrong in the moment you will look most moronic when they do.”  (see village idiot’s lawn, above)

2.  Paint cans make pretty good saw horses for examining busted mowers.

3.  I am capable of taking apart a lawn mower, and putting it back together, without any parts leftover at the end.  Who knew?

4.  Celebrations and high fives can be short lived. Picture me feeling smug as I pull the starter, and the engine fires up.  Picture me smiling as I resume mowing. Then picture me 20 feet later, not at all smug, dragging the dead mower back to the paint cans.  Picture me repeating steps 2 and 3. Picture my mower milking the death scene, one final time.

5.  It’s important to learn one’s limitations, especially when it’s itchy bug season

6.  Home Depot sells a good looking Honda mower for $399 and it works very well to eliminate ridiculous patterns from one’s front lawn.

5.  Off’s Skintastic Clean Feel/Fresh Scent bug spray is neither clean feeling nor fresh smelling; it’s bug spray which feels and smells just like bug spray.

6.  A popsicle tastes better when you’ve earned it.

 Emily: This past week I went to ALA and heard Ping Fu — CEO of GeoMagic, a 3D software company — speak.  According to her, we’ll have the technology to use 3D printers to print meat (yes, like ground beef) within five years (twenty years before it hits the market).  

Pam: This was a true week of learning–to do health research ON MY OWN! Because of our extreme concern for my mother-that she was not getting the proper care at the facility where she was sent, I took things into my own hands–after conferring with a doctor friend, a friend whose sister is a nurse, and seeking my own heart’s inner wisdom (God?) and had my mom admitted to the top research hospital in Cincinnati, where she is receiving excellent care from a team of doctors who are bent on helping her. I suppose I learned confidence in myself at a time of crisis. My other passion (a much more fun one) is to take on learning how to play the dobro–but, I have not yet as I have not found one to buy yet, but it’s not because I’m not looking! Also–(there are always 3 🙂 …I learned to say no to food that would make me add fat to my body. This journey with Mom has been inspiring in that I care about taking control of what I eat and not letting it take control of me. I’m determined to obtain my ideal body weight and keep it there as I grow older. I’m determined more than ever to not let it take my health away from me, and it is apparent to me that overweight is the lead runner in the race to bad health.

Jolly Librarian: I discovered why the banana is so inexpensive. I learned that some of our presidents need new biographers that make them ‘sexier.’ (Yes, James Madison, I’m talking about you!) And, last but certainly not least, I learned that watching a nightly Japanese news broadcast gives you a whole different view on the world.


2 thoughts on “The Summer Bucket List: Learn Something New

  1. I learning about the new Microsoft Surface RT, which I am testing out for TBR, and will use at the librarians and ROCC academies next week.

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