Summer Bucket List: Listen to a Summer Song

For many of us, memories of summer are also tied to music, all the way from the Beach Boys promising us an “Endless Summer” to sharing Rihanna’s “Umbrella.” So here are some of our favorite summer tunes:

Colette: I’ve never been a fan of the Beach Boys, so my summer playlist doesn’t include anything from that silly surfer genre.  Summer for me is about being outdoors, preferably fishing, so the songs which connote summer are the ones that seem to sound better outside, with a cold beverage in hand.  It’s not lyrically about summer, but Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama always puts me in a happy summer frame of mind.  Every time they say “Turn it up,” I think, “I do believe I will.”  J.J. Cale’s They Call Me the Breeze, or anything from Santana’s Supernatural album affects me in the same way. You just have to be outside when you listen to those.  It’s juvenile, but after teaching for 24 years, hearing Alice Cooper’s School’s Out still brings a smile to my face.

This summer, my indoor favorite is Vampire Weekend’s Horchata.  Uber happy.


Alan Jackson, Chattahooche

The Kinks, Sunny Afternoon

Beach Boys, Wouldn’t It Be Nice 

 My Blue Heaven

And a summery tune from college.

Pam: One of my favorite female vocalists just happens to be my old New Coon Creek partner, Dale Ann Bradley. Others, too, must find her great as she has been recognized as Female Vocalist of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association for 3 years in a row, a long-overdue honor she so deserves. She has a batch of recent CDs out on Compass Records, and one of her songs is a cover of “Summer Breeze.” So, that is my summer song pick! You might just check her out on Pandora (you will enjoy the other artists Pandora spins alongside her if you like bluegrassy folk). Here’s a link to some of her music. Enjoy!

Sally: “America the Beautiful”, because of Independence Day being in the middle of the summer. I love patriotic songs

Jolly Librarian: One song that always reminds me of summer and always manages to cheer me is John Fogerty’s Centerfield: “Put me in coach; I’m ready to play.”


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