Getting Better: Practice Like You Mean It

Tests are a different breed. We all know it. No matter how hard we’ve studied, there’s something about a quiet room with a clicking clock and a time limit. No matter how well we know those French verbs, or those equations, or those dates, tests make us nervous. And we start forgetting things 😦

So what can you do? Practice under the test conditions, my friends. Is your math test 50 minutes with about 20 problems? Then do a practice test of 20 problems in 50 minutes. And if the room’s always cold, crank up the air conditioner. If you have to write an essay at the end of your history exam, then practice writing an essay in 20 minutes without your book. If you have to stand up and give a quick speech in French to your instructor as part of the test, then time and tape yourself to see how you do under pressure. 

As basketball players know, making a hundred shots in a row doesn’t mean anything if you can’t make them during the game. Same for your studying. You’ve got to be able to show that you know it. So make sure some of your practice is as close to your actual test situations as possible. 

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