Summer Bucket List: Take a Mini-Vacation

While summer is traditionally vacation time, sometimes it’s not possible to get away. In those cases, it’s good to take a mini-break instead. That’s what we did this week. Here are our reports:

Colette: Cramming a good vacation into a Tuesday night, or a last minute weekend is kind of tough.  With a few days off I’m sure I could do better :).  I had a sort of urban dude ranch vacation.  You know the scheme where country folk trick city folk into paying to come to their ranches and scoop poo out of their barns?  I had an urban version of one of those.  My roster of fun included cleaning house, doing laundry, pulling weeds and cleaning out the chicken coop.  On Sunday, I did take a long drive into the country, for no other reason than to take a long drive.  I forget sometimes that it doesn’t take much in Nashville to get beyond the concrete and chaos of the city.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Speaking of poo in barns (I can’t believe I actually am), I saw a little farm house for sale, where I could have pygmy goats, which has been a long time dream of mine.  Hmmmm.  It’s got me wondering.

Emily: I completely forgot about this task, but my weekend did involve two “mini-trips” — one to visit my grandmother in Clarksville and another to visit Eric’s extended family in Palmyra. Other than that, I did quite a bit of weed pulling and stick pickin’ up.

Pam: I just spent 40 minutes telling everyone about my fun weekend at the Whippoorwill festival-camping out in my car, and for ONCE decided to copy and paste it into a word document and spell check it first. Seconds before I could send it, the computer completely crashed, and when I rebooted it had not been saved in drafts, nor was it still held in memory from where I’d copied it. As well, Word had not saved it. I just simply do not have the patience to retype it. Sorry. Hope everyone had a good vacation or staycation. :-/

Sally: My mini vacation was in Clarksville at the Librarians and ROCC Summer Academies. I cycled and rode the RTA bus from Nashville to Clarksville. The librarians had a great guest speaker. She talked about embedded librarianship in Wyoming, and was very impressed with all that the TBR librarians are doing with the embedded librarian idea.  I also visited the NSCC campus in Clarksville and met Steve.

I have Digger with me. He is the mascot of the public library reading program this summer. He rides up on my handlebars and loves the wind blowing his ears. Today he met all the TBR librarians, and during my presentation he sat up in front on the computer speakers. He loves to read books, especially books about digging. His favorite is The Big Digger!  It’s about a steam-shovel that dug a hole through a mountain. After the meetings we rode around Clarksville and found some cool sites. One of his favorites was the old Clarksville Train Depot, built in 1882. I will take him to the public library tomorrow.  We are having a great time! 

Jolly Librarian: As luck would have it, I did have a nice vacation this weekend. First, I met friends for lunch at the Thistle Stop Cafe on Friday. They are both writers, so our talk was full of gossip about how cute Neil Gaiman is. (Okay, that might just have been me.) Then on Saturday, I got my hair cut and colored and felt about ten pounds lighter and ten years younger. Saturday night, I went to a dinner party at a friend’s house. We sat on the deck, looking out on the woods, and it truly felt for a few hours that I was miles away. 

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