Summer Bucket List: And the Summer Winds Down

Our summer semester ends next week, so time is beginning to run out on our bucket list items. This week, we review our June goals and see how far we got:

Colette: It has been a lovely summer and I’ve accomplished several of the things on my bucket list.  I’ve written new pieces, working more recently on songs rather than poems. I’ve eaten food I’ve grown and done a thing or two which scared me – though I didn’t even come close to doing something courageous every day.  That goal was either too lofty or I’m a coward.  I’ve wiled away many a pleasant hour in my lapidary shop, with the beat up hands to prove it.  (I definitely won’t be hand modeling in this lifetime).  I haven’t gone fishing yet, but Pam and I have plans to empty Marrowbone Lake of its biggest fish in the next week or two.  I also haven’t been rockhounding, looking for some of Tennessee’s famed agate.  That may not happen this summer, so it’s a good thing the weather stays beautiful late into the fall. 

 One of my son’s favorite book series as a child was the Redwall series.  Each season, the wisest mouse in the Abbey would thematically name that season and record it in their history annual.  In honor of that tradition,  I’d have to say my history annual will show this was the “Summer of Lounging in the Sun Spot like a Kitty.”  Not especially productive, but wholly enjoyable. 

Emily: If I remember correctly, my bucket list was a bunch of boring home maintenance. We did get the trim painted (thanks to Kathy Emery for the painter recommendation) and put a new roof on the house.  These are all things I’ve been procrastinating about for years, so do I win a prize?

As for fun things, who needs summer fun when you have a new roof! 

Pam: Summer bucket list…I should be kicked in the bucket, perhaps. Okay, update includes YES, I did go camping-sort of at the Whippoorwill Festival where I slept in my car on top of two pillows and wrapped in a dog blanket. It was quite invigorating. What I have NOT accomplished YET, is to go kayaking, but it is still in my thoughts. I’ve even combed thorough Craigslist in search of a kayak for sale. I am wanting to go fishing/camping. A fishing day is upcoming over at Marrowbone Lake, and there will be a small boat involved with a rental fee of $8. (the motor is $28, anchor $5…you get the picture). Now, lastly, I hope to go rock hunting with Colette before summer’s end. 

Jolly Librarian: On the plus side, I wrote a couple of stories, read two more presidential biographies, visited a farmer’s market, and fixed my door. I’ve practiced piano and French most days. On the negative side, I didn’t actually finish any of my proposed projects. So I’m concluding that the whole concept of summer is a myth.

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