Monday Motivator: Take Advantage of Where You Are

For the past few weeks, the sidewalk between the library and the administrative building has been June Bug Central. These large bugs dash and dart around our heads and more than one person has been hit in the head by their dive bombing. So we mostly keep our heads down on our trip to the other building and hope one doesn’t fly into our hair.

Today, though, in the midst of the june bugs was a lone bird. As she was going to class, speech instructor Michele Buc noticed this bird who seemed to be settling in. A few seconds later, she discovered why. As one of the june bugs crazily buzzed by him, he grabbed it and ate it. Within another few seconds, another june bug approached and was eaten.

Michele and I discussed the various life lessons that could be learned from watching the june bug-hunting bird:

  • Hang out where the food is.
  • (This one if we find the bird dead later having fallen to the ground from being too heavy.) Don’t eat too many june bugs.
  • If you’re in the right spot, life becomes easier.
  • Look for advantages to whatever spot you find yourself in.

I’m going with number 4.


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