Monday Motivator: Get That Back-to-School Feeling

Even if you didn’t particularly like school as a kid, there was something exciting about the preparation for the new year. You might get new clothes. You definitely bought new pens and notebooks. In the stores, you perused new backpacks and lunch boxes. There was definitely a feeling that something new was about to happen.

It’s sometimes harder to hold on to that feeling as an adult. After all, as a kid, you probably didn’t have to pay for those backpacks and notebooks. And for those of us who have been at work all summer, it’s easy to think of the start of a new semester as just another work day.

But it’s not. Whether we’re students, faculty or staff, each semester is the beginning of something new. For some, it’s their first time at the college. For others, it may be the beginning of their last year, before they go on to university or a job. Even if you’ve been here for decades, you have a chance to make an impact on a new group of students in a new way.

So do something this week to mark the newness of the semester. Bring in a new coffee cup. Start the semester with a brand-new notebook. Buy some new pens (purple ink!) and markers. Or go all out and buy a new outfit for the first day of school. 

Just do something to celebrate a new beginning. 

The Jolly Librarian wishes all students and teachers and the staff who support them a happy and fulfilling academic year!


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