Celebrate “Read a Book” Day

According to some of my Facebook friends, today is “read a book” day. Now this is something that I do everyday, so it makes as much sense to me as having a “breathing” day. Still, I’m always more than happy to give reading some love and publicity. 

I decided to celebrate the  day by taking stock of my reading for this year. According to Goodreads, I have read 41 books since January:

  • 7–history, biography, or memoir
  • 9 mysteries
  • 7 novels
  • 2 books I should have read before, but hadn’t (The first Harry Potter and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.)
  • 9 on psychology topics, mostly about talent and creativity
  • 2 on writing
  • 5 that I can’t quite classify

Currently, I am reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel and am engrossed in the machinations of the court of Henry VIII. 

But simply accounting for the books does not do my experience justice. So far this year, I have:

  • witnessed Thomas Cromwell defend Cardinal Wolsey and manage not to be placed in the tower (so far).
  • watched a sociopathic police typist play havoc with those around her (or does she?).
  • saw the beginning of the United States through the eyes of the first five presidents.
  • felt the sadness of an early-20th-century immigrant as she had to give up her dreams of college when her mother suffered a breakdown.
  • discovered that Buddhist monks can have a raucous sense of humor, and
  • watched Jane Eyre reenacted in 1950s England and Iceland.

Not bad for 8 months!



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