Daily Archives: September 18, 2013

The Quotophiles

Our quotation this week is from Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”

So what dreams are the Quotophiles pursuing?

Colette: I know it’s a simple matter of semantics, but I’ve never put much credence in the term “dreams.”  It just sounds too ethereal to be really helpful and it conjures up images of nighttime weirdness – like the dream I had the other night when my childhood dog and I were looking everywhere for rabbit food. Weird.  I prefer the term “goals” when thinking of the things I want for myself or those I care about.

My goal since the time I fell in love with the power of language was to have a book of poetry published.  I eventually did get a chapbook of poetry published by Finishing Line Press in 2009; my publishing goal then evolved to include the stipulation “without a staple.”  My chapbook, The Certainty of Fingerprints, is staple bound.  I now want a book which is hard bound.  It may seem minor, but the leap from staple to perma bound is as significant as moving from winning a district spelling bee to winning the spelling championship of the world.

For myself I will continue to write and seek publication.  I’m also hoping to travel more as I get older.  I appreciate the places I go, and the richness of the cultural differences, much more now than I did when I was younger and travel was mostly about eating good food and getting a tan.  Getting older has also shifted my thoughts to my 20-year old son and his “dreams.”  I’d like to see his dreams come true, every bit as much as I’d like to realize my own.

Emily: Margaret Faye likes to call me the Dream Crusher. I prefer to call myself pragmatic.

Case in point: Shark Tank. If you aren’t familiar with Shark Tank, the show brings entrepreneurs (i.e. dreamers) face-to-face with venture capitalists. The entrepreneur makes their case for their product or service and the Sharks choose whether or not to invest (the Sharks are pragmatists here). Many times these dreamers have mortgaged their house, their parents have mortgaged their house, their dog has mortgaged his house, and so on — all so the dreamer in question can try to make their Wake’n Bacon alarm clock into a fortune. Those of you who are dreamers are probably thinking: “But America’s built on dreams!” or “I’d love to have a Wake’n Bacon.” And to you I say, “Dream your dreams. Fry your bacon bedside. But don’t blame the pragmatist when the sheets catch fire.”

Pam: So, true…so true. In my own journey, I find I battle the “Oh, my gosh, what am I supposed to be doing, now?” as I enter each new decade. The most terrifying feeling of all for me is not feeling there is something productive needing to be pursued. Thank God there is the desire to continue learning. The onslaught of new material going into my mind, the learning of something and the pursuing of something to achieve helps keep me young, hopeful, strong, and, I hope, interesting. It sure helps make life fun, that’s for sure. I want to keep giving…having something I can do for someone else. That seems like it matters the most. Even as I type I am pursuing learning American Sign Language in hopes to be able to communicate with the Deaf students of Nashville State. Along with that, I am bicycling my butt off (literally, that is the goal :)). My high mileage is 21 miles just this Sunday. I can feel my body sculpting into a different shape in my core, and that is so exciting, because I’m having fun doing it. Who would have thought?! My goal is to do a day trip to Chattanooga with a group (that, and not have to get off and walk my bike up the big hill on Clay Lick Pike in Joelton).  Other interests that keep me going are continually learning new songs on clawhammer banjo, learning fiddle tunes on mandolin and guitar, and learning to play the dobro to play with the band that I work with weekly. Learn, pursue, dream, give to others…May we never grow too old to have hope for something interesting left to do.

Sally: I have lots of dreams; maybe that means I will never grow old.  One of my dreams is to set up a nature library in a state park, where people can get resources to take with them on the trails. (Not just books, but also mobile apps for their devices; that’s where people are now.) I want the library to be an anywhere, anytime place to learn new things.  When we stop learning, or dreaming, we might as well be dead.  I would also like to use my bicycle as a bookmobile service to deliver books and other library services.  Bicycling is really a great way to get to know your community, either a campus community or just a general neighborhood.  Another part of pursuing your dreams is to be resilient when people try to squash your ideas. I am a resilient librarian. I never give up on my dreams.

Jolly Librarian: Recently, Audible.com added the Great Courses to their library. So far, I’ve downloaded Music Appreciation, Great Orchestral Works, and Ancient Egypt. It’s like getting to return to college without tests. I just go down the list and if I think “Wow, I wish I’d studied that in college,” I download it. I highly recommend the series (it comes in both audio and video formats) to other nerds out there.