Daily Archives: September 30, 2013

Monday Motivator: Check the Impulse

My friend Pam had a yard sale over the weekend, so a couple of nights last week, I cleaned out my closet to augment her supply of goods for sale. It was also as good a time as any to finally put away all the summer clothes into boxes and take out all the fall/winter ones. 

I was quite surprised at what I found:

  • Last year, a black tank top ripped, so I needed to buy another. But apparently, every time, I went to  Target, I forgot that I’d already bought one. So now four black tank tops were scattered around my closet.
  • Sometime in the past, I went to Ross and bought a denim skirt for $4.99. How do I know this? Because the skirt with the tag still attached was at the bottom of a pile of jeans that I’ve kept to wear when I once again return to a certain size. I tried it on and realized that I must have been keeping this skirt in the hopes that one day I would like it better. I didn’t. So in the bag it went. (So did some of the jeans.)
  • I’d been eyeing some pretty polka-dotted skirts in a Boden catalog. Apparently, I’d been eyeing similar pretty polka-dotted skirts in a previous catalog since there were two in one of the fall/winter boxes. (And you can only wear so many polka-dotted skirts in a week!)
  • And let’s not discuss the corduroy pants in the same style but five different colors and the Target long-sleeved t-shirts in the same style but eight different colors. (You know how it is; you walk in Target and just happen to walk by the t-shirts to see if there are any new colors. . .)

Okay, hi, I’m Faye and I’m an impulse shopper. But impulsive behavior can get all of us in trouble. We blurt out everything we’re thinking and hurt people’s feelings. We see a bowl of candy on a desk and without thinking, we’ve grabbed most of the goodies and eaten them. We allow the car guy to convince us that a $500 car payment will not be a bad idea when that’s half of our take home salary.

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally acting on impulse, but when we go too far, we need to have a way to pull back.

I’ve decided on the following:

  • The one-in, one-out policy. Whenever I buy something, a similar item must go. This includes all clothes (including shoes and purses) and books.
  • I am going to rearrange my closet so that I can see in one glance how many black clothes I have or how many t-shirts I have. I hope this will make me a little more mindful.
  • I also have done an online budget so that if I spend more than my allotted amount, I receive an email. 

Hopefully, these techniques will help. And if not, I’m sure Pam will have another yard sale soon.