Monday Motivator: Sometimes You Just Got to Stick Your Head Out of the Door

Yesterday after checking my weather app and seeing that the rain was well to the east, I put on my walking shoes and went to the track. I’d just passed Mile 1 when it started to sprinkle and then mist and, by the time I made it home, it was coming a good shower. 

This is not the first time the weather radar has failed me. I think that there must be some rain that is too light to be picked up on the screen. However, it is indeed heavy enough to soak and weigh down my clothes. 

Of course, just by looking up at the sky, I should have been aware that rain was a possibility.

It’s a good reminder that having a virtual okay doesn’t give me freedom to ignore the actual conditions. And no matter how much research and preparation I do, at some point, I’ve got to jump out there and do something. Even if it means getting wet.


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