Monday Motivator: Know What’s Important

A friend lost his office last week. It had to go to the dean of  a recently-created division. It had been an administrative office before he was there, and it’s the typical corner office: large with windows.

A few days later, he told me he had found one. We walked over to see it. It is less than half the size of his previous office. It is right by the mail room. I asked in sympathy, “Was this the only office available?”


I waited for clarification. He pointed to the glass wall that looked out on the courtyard. “I need natural light. That was all I wanted last time. I didn’t care about the size of the office, just that it had windows.”

 He is a smart man. It would have been easy to get all tied up in external factors of success. A move from a big office to a small one is a type of demotion. Or being by the mail room can’t be good. We sometimes fight for status to our detriment. 

But my friend has his window, and he is happy. And that is true success.



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