Getting Gritty: Celebrating the Gritty (and the Library)

This is our fall break, and I planned no blog in the Gritty series for today since most people would be away from campus and be quite cruel in the winnowing of their in-boxes tomorrow. 

Yet when I came to my office today, I was amazed by the number of students in the library.

  • A group of nursing students reserved a computer room; they’ve been there all day.
  • Two other rooms have students meeting with tutors.
  • The computers out front keep filling up as students come in either to get a head start or to catch up. (And, only one guy is checking his Facebook page.) Most seem to be working on their math assignments.
  • Others are using the study rooms to write papers on their laptops.

So I am celebrating those students who have taken some time during the Fall Break to keep up with their studies. 

But I am also celebrating the library as a place where students can come to do those things. It’s important to realize that in this ‘everyone has a device’ age, students sometimes still need a place to go:

  • Not everyone has high-speech internet access at home.
  • Not everyone has a quiet place to study.
  • People still need a central location to meet tutors or study partners. The library offers a convenient place to do that. (After all, I may not know how to get to someone’s house, but I do know how to get to campus!) 
  • It’s nice to have a place where people are around to answer questions.

So today, I’m giving a shout-out to the gritty and the fact that the gritty have a welcoming place to come and study 🙂


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