The Quotophiles

Our quotation for this week: 

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.– St. Augustine

Where do the Quotophiles want to visit?

Colette: There are two places I’d really like to experience.  Both choices are based on nothing more than romantic notions of what life there would offer.  I don’t want to be a tourist though; “tourist” connotes for me a whirlwind of too many cities in too few days, air conditioned coaches and tour guides, which all feel too much like the boring parts of school.  I wouldn’t want to travel halfway around the world just to get trapped in a bus, and have to make chit chat with Bob and Shirley, who hail from Crudbucket, TX.  I don’t want to visit my dream places, I want to travel there and just be, for extended periods of time.

My first dream destination is Africa.  I blame this (credit this?) on Isak Dinesen and her mind blowing novel Out of Africa.  Ever since I read the line, and then heard Meryl Streep’s caramelized voice say, “I had a farm in Africa…” I’ve been in love with the continent.  I don’t want to do the typical safari though.  Hemingway had Africa all wrong.  I actually want a farm in Africa.  I want to tend some scraggly sheep and goats and grow something luscious in stingy soil.  I want to sit on my porch and watch the sun set over the Ngong Hills.  I realize I could just get a little farm here in TN and tend scraggly goats, but there is nothing romantic about saying, “I had a farm in Joelton.”

 My second dream destination is Ireland.  I’d like to live there in a mossy, stone cottage. I’d like to ride a rickety bike into town, where I’d drink very dark beer in a pub, as I waited for the bakery next door to finish bagging up warm loaves of bread, which I’d then put in my basket for the rickety ride home.  I don’t envision working in Ireland.  It’s more about the dark beer and the stone house and the stereotypes of friendly, laid back people with fantastic accents.

 My sister, a veteran traveler, tells me, “I love you more than my luggage.”  It makes me smile every time I hear that because I know that’s a lot of love. 

Emily: If I didn’t hate flying, the Nordic countries would likely be at the top of my world travel list. Get it? Top of the world.

Pam: I want to go to Ireland, but en route I would like to stop off in London and then head north to Scotland. As well, I’d love to visit the Netherlands. Machu Picchu calls my name, and I’d love to hike to base camp and beyond at Mt. Everest in Nepal. One day I’d like to walk the beaches of Costa Rica, and I long to view the sea from land in Greece. I’ve wondered among the broken pieces of the Parthenon, but only in my mind. I’d like to make that dream a reality. But mostly, I’d like to go hiking in the woods of my home where I grew up and try to retrace my paths to the familiar “horse tree”, our old camp and grapevine and find the waterfall where we dug clay from under the overflow of water. I’d like to try to find the old den tree Daddy showed me when we were coonhunting along the creek and try to locate the crevice I climbed in and out of as a child and walk up the old gravel road to Miss England’s place…but, that’s right…It’s a golf course now, so best I move on to new adventures and let those places remain sacred and untouched in my mind…

Sally: I would travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, because they love the bicycle as transportation there.  The link tells why.  Erly is a cool new collaborative Web 2.0 tool. 

Jolly Librarian: I would love to get a group of friends for a week in New York. We’d go to art museums, eat at fancy restaurants, see some Broadway and off-Broadway plays, walk around Central Park, and go to the Statue of Liberty. And yes, we’d do some shopping. Alas, since my friends and I are not wealthy, it would more likely be a weekend where we’d make it to an art museum, Central Park  OR the Statue of Liberty. We’d eat at hot dog trucks and buy a souvenir tshirt.


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