Our Week in the Library

Most Interesting Chat Question:  How much do Sprites in the S-building vending machines cost?

Best Research Paper Topic: Emperor penguins have the worst lives.

Sweetest Moment: Student asked if she could come around the circulation desk and give Pam a hug for “being so nice and patient and helpful.”

Most Tension-filled Moment: Playing referee among various study groups who all had A&P tests and who all wanted the box of bones for the entire day.

Worst Moment: When students don’t return the graphing calculators, and then other students can’t take their math tests. 



One thought on “Our Week in the Library

  1. When that happens just tell them about the “virtual bone box” called eSkeleton in MERLOT. They can also search the MERLOT digital library for lots of other cool stuff that might help them even more. Free stuff! There is a MERLOT LibGuide that has lots of examples about what you can find in MERLOT. Don’t stress! Show them MERLOT II http://www.merlot.org. Students always thank me for showing me the source of good free stuff that might help them learn better. 🙂 Be happy, Life is good!

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