The Quotophiles

Our quotation for this week is attributed to Voltaire: “The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.”

So how do we put ourselves in a good mood?

Colette: Listening to music is my cure all.  The right chosen song, at the right moment, is pretty much a guaranteed mood enhancer for me.  The Fruit Bats’ When U Love Somebody could happy-up a root canal.  Grinding rocks in my lapidary shop also keeps my happy meter high.  If I happen to get a “just saying hey” text from my son, while listening to music in my rock shop, that is my good mood trifecta, the holy grail of happy. 

Emily: A cup of coffee. (Obviously, Emily answered this before she had her first cup of the day!)

Pam: Many things make me happy, but I will write of this past month in particular. As I huff and puff and make it up to the top of a difficult hill on my bicycle, my heart pounding, thighs burning and lungs heaving for air, I top the hill and start flying down the other side–the wind sweeping across my face and into my neck where I am sweating from the climb. The golden leaves whiz by, and I am like a child once again with complete abandonment of the world, feeling only this amazing, fun moment of speed and freedom. THIS gets me in a good mood. ON the way home I see two dogs wrestling in the yard, nipping and yapping and I remember my sweet Boston, Gracie Gadd, and smile with sheer joy at their joy. I picked out a pumpkin from Kroger and heaved it into my cart, and as I wheeled away from the produce department, I realized I was smiling. Picking the banjo to the drone of a fiddle sawing away on an old time tune makes my heart dance with joy. I’m in a good mood now, just writing…Autumn leaves are a mile high in my yard, and I want them to stay forever. Leaves turn red and gold and stay awhile longer, for that’s what makes me happiest.  

Sally: The thing that makes me the happiest is riding my bicycle to the library and helping students find the information they need. Something I get to do everyday!  Everyday is a new adventure when you are a librarian.  “Books and bicycles both take you places without wasting anything, and a good day is riding your bike to the library.”   Life is best savored from the seat of a bicycle. 

Jolly Librarian: Going for a walk or to the YMCA always puts me in a good mood as does listening to music or reading a good book. Seeing the confusion fade from a student’s face also cheers me up. If I’m in a particularly bad mood, I can switch on a rerun of The Big Bang Theory (which now is always playing on a channel somewhere) and I’m laughing within minutes. Then, of course, there’s ice cream.


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