Monday Motivator: Decide and Dash

Yesterday I went in the Sephora store to buy some moisturizer. I’d been using samples from a previous visit for the past couple of months but had come to the last of those little square packages.

Now there is probably no store that shows the surfeit of choice in modern life than Sephora. Not only do skin care companies have moisturizer but so do most cosmetic companies. So you can find moisturizer on almost every aisle. And each company has moisturizer for different needs: There is anti-aging moisturizer (a weird term if you ask me; it implies that there is also moisturizer that ages you), brightening moisturizer, calming moisturizer, even firming moisturizer. You can choose a cream, lotion, or gel moisturizer. You must choose between scented and unscented. And you must decide if you want SPF, and if so, how much: 8, 15, 30… And, of course, you must know whether you want this moisturizer for day or night.  

All of these choices come with frenetic Sephora salespeople popping up every few seconds to ask if they can help you. As one kept rubbing various lotions on my hands and asking how they felt, I did the only thing possible: I said I needed a minute to think and then ran out of the store. 

Once in the relative calm of the Macy’s lingerie section, I thought through my options. I needed moisturizer. It needed SPF. It should cost less than a down payment for a car. So I looked at my hands, and while nothing miraculous had happened, one felt smoother than the rest (a good sign for the application of foundation). I crept back into Sephora, ignoring all salespeople, grabbed the moisturizer, and paid.

It was a good reminder that there are times when great thought needs to go into making a decision. Buying moisturizer is not one of those times.

And as I get older, more and more items go into the “life is too short for this” group. 



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