The Quotophiles

A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.– Ernest Hemingway

This week’s question: What animal would you be and why?

Colette: It’s hard to shed my human brain and assume the singular mindset of another animal.  I rather like my opposable thumbs.  I’m too lazy to be a predator (or at least one that lives past its first couple seasons) and too easily bored to be myopically fixed on getting food from sun up until sun down.  How dreadful.  I also can’t imagine eating only leaves and twigs.  I wouldn’t want to mate with amphibians or fish or insects, or be the mom of a snake, so I’m not left with much in the animal kingdom from which to choose.

I guess I’d be a domesticated dog, with the added qualifier that I have a really good owner.  My ideal owner would let me be a dog, which means I’d be smelly on occasion and I’d be allowed to get dirty when I rolled in something grossly wonderful.  I’d live in a house with a big yard, which I’d have free, roaming access to, in case I saw a squirrel I needed to run down and/or bark at before I took a nap in the sun spot on the bed.  I’d get treats, but not for doing parlor tricks; I’d get them just because I’m so wonderful.  I wouldn’t be forced to wear sweaters or Halloween costumes or get toted around in some ridiculous purse.  My toenails would be dog colored, not pink.  I’d be big, and smiley and smart and allowed to take up more than my share of space on the furniture.  My owner would not chain me, cage me, give me an embarrassing name, like Mr. Smoochums, talk baby talk to me, or deny me ear and belly scratches.  Our love affair would be gloriously mutual.  happy dog

Emily: Well, I’m pretty pleased with being human, but if I had to pick another animal I’d go with the giant octopus. They’re clever, get to mostly keep to themselves in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean, and have a good sense of humor. octopus

Pam: Ah, to have the honesty of a cat…to not be afraid of seeming unkind or aloof if my mind is somehow not in tune with another’s needs or I am perhaps distracted with something and not as patient and caring as I should be. But I do not know how to just be intentionally, uh,  stuck-up, for lack of a better word. And, being a cat-mother of 4, they can sure be royal hairballs! It pains me to hurt anyone’s feelings (and this doesn’t even count the possible end result of making someone mad or upset with me). Hark! Ah, to be a cat for a day and escape caring what others may think of me. I think not. Lest I become a comfortably selfish, less than likable prima donna. disdainful cat

Sally: The animal I would be is a Polar Bear, because I love snow and cold weather and they are cute animals.  I am looking forward to mountain biking to work in the snow.  

Jolly Librarian: I would be a hedgehog. In fact, after reading this list of hedgehog characteristics, I think I already may be part hedgie:

  • Hedgehogs are prickly!!  Your hedgehog will poke you. When you first begin learning to handle your hedgehog it may seem as if you are handling a critter cactus.
  • The average hedgehog is naturally shy, nervous, and does not come when called, display outward affection, or perform tricks.
  • They are nocturnal in nature and may appear to do nothing except “stay balled up all day.”
  • You may need to work through the grouchy quilling stage, and a grouchy hedgehog may always be grouchy.
  • Hedgehogs do have teeth and have the potential to bite.  Biting is typically not done out of aggression but as a way of communication. (Source:  

2 thoughts on “The Quotophiles

  1. Which begs the question, Jolly Librarian, which parts of the hedgehog do you currently possess?
    Do you bite? 😉

    Have a great day!

    Carla M. Gruen
    Reference Librarian
    Motlow State Community College

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