Monday Motivator: Make a Gratitude List

Many of my friends who actually cook and host holiday gatherings have been making lists for the past week. They have lists of things to buy, things to clean, things to cook, and so on.

I’d like to recommend one more list: the gratitude list.

Take a few moments to jot down items that make you thankful. And I recommend going beyond the obvious ones, such as family, friends, shelter, and health to take note of the little, eccentric things that somehow put a smile on your face and make you glad you’re alive. (Because let’s face it: When the turkey is still an unappealing red color and Uncle Jack and Cousin Fred are arguing over politics, it may only be the small oddity that can put a smile on your face.)

Here’s a sample from my gratitude list (besides the big stuff):

  • Some of the wittiest colleagues in the universe.
  • Facebook (Luckily, I have a core group of friends who have the same offbeat sense of humor. And I recently discovered that I can hide the political rants and the overly-saccharine memes.)
  • Always having at least five books on my to-read list so I have a choice when I finish the current one.
  • Raspberry frozen yogurt.
  • Snow Patrol.
  • Tulips. When I grow them, they last about a day, but still there is something so cheerful about them, I am glad they are in the world.
  • Cats. One should always be reminded of one’s place in the universe–as a cat’s servant.
  • Dogs. How can one not be grateful for such unconditional love?

What’s on your list?



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