The Quotophiles

Our quotation for this week: 

When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.–Tecumseh

Colette: I am truly thankful for the same things for which most people are thankful – good health and the love and support of family and friends.  Those are the only things, at the end of the day, which truly matter.  I’m also thankful my son is soaring, out in the world and away from the nest. All in all, I have led a pretty cushy life, and I thank the universe, often, for that.   On a lesser note, I’m also thankful for Ben and Jerry, heated bed pads, a reliable car, the sweetest dog this side of the Mississippi and strong coffee.

Emily: It’s a given that most people are thankful for the three f’s: family, friends, freedom. Therefore, I’d like to recognize some of the oft forgotten things that help make Thanksgiving possible:

  •  Turkey: Let us be thankful the pilgrims weren’t whalers, so that Thanksgiving create not an ethical quandary.
  • Butter: Let us be thankful for the foundation of every Thanksgiving side dish.
  • Zantac : Let us be thankful it works fast, lasts longer.
  • Splendid Table’s euphoric Thanksgiving episode: Let us be thankful for Lynne Rossetto Kasper.
  • The National Dog Show: Let us be thankful Great Aunt Martha can’t tear herself away.
  • Tryptophan: Let us give thanks for a peaceful Thanksgiving afternoon.

 Pam: It takes me only one second to know what I am most thankful for: My mom still being here with me. It has been one rough year. We all struggle, I know, with personal conflicts and sadness the older we get. But this year has been particularly tough. I flew home to be with Mom in the hospital back in the early summer when I was informed that she had gone into total renal failure. I noticed while there that she was having trouble putting the merest of thoughts together. After two weeks there and her kidneys now fully functioning, she was sent to a rehabilitation center to help rebuild her strength, but her mind seemed to go farther away. With no explanation for her confusion, within days she could no longer feed herself or form sentences. I am thankful for so many things, but perhaps the five most important things I can cut-to-the-chase and say here are:  I am thankful #1. that my mom is back to her ‘real self’, (and not the ‘sweet, little, old, confused lady” the nurses all thought was her true personality), and has a good chance to be around for many years to come. – BECAUSE #2. My co-worker and friend, Colette Strassburg’s sister, Gina, one of NSCC’s 2 yr. nursing graduates, actually made the correct diagnosis when she used her critical thinking skills and stated to Colette that, “It sounds like she has too much ammonia in her blood”, and Colette then shared this with me, and my sister then had the doctors test her for this. She was INSTANTLY brought back to her right mind when this was addressed! #3. My sister and Mom have grown closer throughout this ordeal, and a deeper healing has taken place. #4. Mom is eating nutritiously and taking terrific care of herself after such a scare. What MORE could I possibly be thankful for? #5. The small family that I cherish so much is going to spend Thanksgiving together. I am so, so grateful to have them with me.

Sally: I am thankful for my parents being in good health, my husband, son and his family, and for my health.  If you what to get a smile on your face check out the app “Smile Epidemic”

Jolly Librarian: While this is a year I will not be sorry to see the back of, there are still many things for which I am grateful: my family, my friends, my home, my job, my colleagues, and memories of better times. I am also grateful for the following: ice cream, any episode of Mad Men where Pete Campbell gets his comeuppance, the fact that Kate Atkinson is still writing wonderful novels, and the leftover desserts that Librarian Emily brings to work on Mondays.



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