The Quotophiles

Our words of wisdom for this week: Clogged with yesterday’s excess, the body drags the mind down with it.– Horace

So what sort of Thanksgiving excess did the Quotophiles indulge in?

Colette: It probably goes without saying that I overdid it on brown food items (turkey, dressing, gravy, pecan pie).  I much prefer the unhealthy tan food family to anything red or green or yellow.  Healthy foods just don’t give that Tryptophan rush so essential to the third quarter, Thanksgiving Day football nap.  We went to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving, so we cooked a second turkey and all the brown fixings on Friday, so we’d have leftovers.  Since Friday, I’ve been overdoing it on turkey sandwiches made with the kind of white bread little kids like.

 In addition to eating, I crafted my hump off over the break, spending probably 20 hours over 3 days with papers, soaps, wax, felt, clay, beads, etc…I have a craft sale coming up and needed to finalize my inventory.  My house is now packed to its Martha Stewart gills.

Emily: Okay, I confess. It was Thanksgiving. I ate a lot of food. All in one course. A lot of brown foods. A lot of butter. Then pies.

Pam: Mashed potatoes…My sister made the most delicious mashed potatoes this year. I had three servings. I told her about how it seems that here in the south folks make them more ‘watery’— “creamed potatoes” they call them – and they aren’t nearly as delicious as my mom’s and grandma’s, and now, my sister’s! I don’t know if the southern recipe uses water instead of milk, buuutt, may I suggest…if you are going to overindulge, go for lumpy, puffy delicious mashed potatoes whipped with milk and real butter, for goodness sake! This year I truly did not stuff myself to the usual miserable level, I am pleased to say. It seems that misery just isn’t worth it anymore. I’m sure it is many colliding factors such as being this ‘middle’ age (keeping in mind it is middle if I plan to live to be 107), along with and having kept the last 5+ pounds off for a year now. I just won’t go back…I’ve peddled up too many hard hills. Too, it is the lost health I see when I look at my overweight relatives, that it truly seems it is now or never that I stay on this road to trying to hold on to my health. Lastly, I would like to just say that MY WORST  over indulgence, sadly, IS ALWAYS HERE IN THE LIBRARY! I simply canNOT turn down cookies or little chocolate snacky things like bridge mix or M&Ms. So, thank God I was in charge of desserts at home this year. Granted, Costco’s coffeecake for breakfast EVERY SINGLE MORNING while up home (heated and topped with whipped cream) was a bit of a stray, buuuttt….Oh, good grief, God help us all as the holidays come on. I will leave you with this thought. It’s not so much what you eat that is bad, but what we DON’T, eat, I think. Just keep coming back to balancing with veggies and lots and lots of fresh water. And last but not least, I leave you with my now-cancer-free, handsome, slender 7- year old uncle’s advice to me as we walked a mile and a half after dinner last year at Christmas…”Eat less, and move more”. Perhaps that is simply the key, after all.

Sally: My Thanksgiving overindulgence is probably that I ride my bike too much (but it is so much fun and good exercise, too)!  The Thanksgiving food that I like the most is jellied cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.  My new favorite quote is, “Those who wish to control their own lives and move beyond existence as mere clients and consumers – those people ride a bike.”  ~ Wolfgang Sachs 

Jolly Librarian: When a person who doesn’t cook visits someone who does, then a certain amount of overeating will occur. For example, the non-cooking person will be sitting on the sofa and think that a snack would be just the thing. But how to choose? There’s some leftover pork roast; there are sausage balls; there is pumpkin pie; there’s homemade chili. The only rational choice is to have some of each. And repeat several times a day.






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